SDC Verifier is a company that specializes in developing CAE software and providing engineering consulting services.

SDC Verifier (Structural Design Codes) is a powerful engineering analysis program fully integrated within FEMAP (Finite Element Modeling and Post processing) that is used to verify structures in accordance with required safety standards (DIN15018, DNV RP-C201 2010, ANSI/AISC LRFD 360-10 or customized) and generate report.

Furthermore, SDC Verifier offers a comprehensive engineering FEM consulting services in different industries.

Latest Release

SDC Verifier 3.8.5 released in 1 of October, 2015:

-Nonlinear results location in Femap 11.2 changed.

-Eurocode3 update;

-Predefined checks: static stress check, average stresses, plate principal stresses;

-Contour plots for beams.

-Contour Output Vector plot.

-Stop generation of table or plot immediately;

-Copy checks between standards;

-Update for Free Edge tool;

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